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What IS Kombucha, Anyway?

North America is going crazy for craft beer and kombucha this year, and I do mean absolutely crazy. Entire pubs are built around the serving of craft beer, which may be regarded as hipster culture but the truth is that it’s awesome. The popularity of things like craft beer and kombucha means people are becoming […]

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Organic: Why Does It Matter?

While perusing the aisles of the supermarket, eyeing the various produce before us, ‘organic’ is a word we tend to gravitate toward. We like the word because we take it to mean the quality is higher, the product is more natural and often times we assume it to mean sustainable. It’s nice to shop organic, […]

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Why We Love Tulsi

When looking at the vast amount of ingredients we have at our disposal for blending our teas, there are a few choice ingredients that really stand out. And while we try not to pick favourites, sometimes it can’t be helped with amazing components like hibiscus, rosehips, rooibos and fennel. Among them is a shining star […]

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