Why We Love Tulsi

When looking at the vast amount of ingredients we have at our disposal for blending our teas, there are a few choice ingredients that really stand out. And while we try not to pick favourites, sometimes it can’t be helped with amazing components like hibiscus, rosehips, rooibos and fennel. Among them is a shining star in the form of tulsi. Most of us have heard of tulsi in some form or either, as Holy Basil, Tulsi, Tulasi or either of its several binomial names. When it comes up in conversation, we just can’t stop talking about it, so here’s to compiling our love for this herb into text instead.

Holy Basil

This fantastic herb lives up to its name in more ways that one. Known in India as Holy Basil(ocimum sanctum) this plant is revered in the Hindu religion. In many courtyards and homes, the plants are grown in what’s called a Tulsi Vrindavan, which is a special pot or structure