Our Story

Just for the Health of It

We started with a little Tea Shop in a small community of 4,000 people building communities and creating over 120 different loose leaf Teas. But our vision was always bigger. We wanted our community to get Healthy. So we pulled up our socks and got to wok sourcing some of the top organic Teas and herbs around the world and brought them in as fresh as possible.

Our Mission was and still is to create great tasting products that are healthy for you.

Family Losses to Family Growth

We had lost close family members at young ages. My mum passed away before she reached 60, which was hard, but it was also concerning for our family. We were growing to, eventually, having 5 children in 5 years. This was such a blessing for us, but we wanted to be there with them for as long as possible. This meant things needed to change.

We looked a lot closer at ingredients of products we purchased, we wanted products to be healthy, but we wanted our kids to be willing to consume them as well. As a family we found this really hard to find, so we began to create our product range.

The Future

We continue to look for categories that need healthier options and will continue to provide tastier and healthier products.

We strive for a future where we no longer have to look at the ingredients but can trust the ingredients and their health benefits rather than their potential health problems.